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Check System display info

Hi Y'all,

Frank Amaroso reminded me that someone, about 18 months or so ago,
mentioned on the main q-list that there was a way to send information to
the Check System display.

My idea:  Display the output of a pressure transducer, A/D converter, etc,
on this display.  This location would make an excellent place for an
unobtrusive boost gauge.  The gauge itself could be turned on or off with a
dash switch located at a blank switch position.  There is surely some way
in which the radio station display is over-ridden by "important" info (such
as low windshield solvent, etc).  Perhaps all that might be needed is to
use the switch to tell the display that boost level is now the "important"

Anyone remember this earlier discussion?  Ideas?  Techniques?  Remember,
I'm a retired bald headed old f*rt chemist not a EE.

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