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re: Smoked taillights

Kinda funny then cause Pete Kunzler has them on his 4000cstq, I know of 2
coupe quattros, and most VW GTIs that are black, from the factory have
blacked out lenses on the rearJoe- -----Original Message-----
From: PlyBoyDoct@aol.com <PlyBoyDoct@aol.com>
Subject: Re: smoked lens (was : WTB right side taillight (type 44))
>Please keep in mind that this is COMPLETELY illegal.  So is Clear tail
>lights.  Honda had this mod.  65 dollar ticket.>>Jason C

The spray paint smoking is illegal (not to mention unhealthy).  The Treser 
smoked taillights are DOT approved, as are the those that come on GTIs and 
such.  The aesthetic look between painted taillights and "real" ones is 
quite different, I've seen some cars with nice drips on their taillights, as 
is the amount of light let through.

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