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RE: Black-out badging

Ah yes, a quick trip to your web site explains your paradigm in infinite
detail. You are understood and forgiven. Sorry to correct you however, the
Gold Badging seems to appear on every 200TQ I've seen in the upgraded
factory Pearl finish. On a black car the Gold looks tacky, similar to the
many rice-burners found dragging their six inch exhausts and chin spoilers
around here.

Your not in Kansas any more Toto.

Peter Berrevoets
1990 200TQ 10V
With an Attitude

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Peter Berrevoets writes:
> Be nice Wolfie, my 1990 Pearl 200TQ has gold badging front rear and yes
> on the wheel centres. It would look pretty drab in chrome on the pearl,
> yes it is pure factory original Audi Art!

I highly doubt it.  I know some dealers do this to the cars before they
sell them, but Audi certainly didn't make em that way.  No offense,
but to me gold badging reeks of bad taste.  Reminds me either of
Lexus/Toyota, or worse, Caddy pimpmobiles.

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