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Am I killing my quattro?

Since I spend about 99% of my driving time putt-putt-ing back and forth to
work, am I foolish to put
regular grade (87 octane) gas in my '91 200q?  The manual says that premium
(91 octane) is "recommended", but 87 will work fine.  I assume that the
knock sensors are fiddling with the timing so
detonation is avoided, and I certainly haven't heard any knocking.  I do
notice a difference at wide open throttle, with max boost limited to about
1.7 bar (I can hit and hold 1.8 bar with premium gas), but, hell, how often
do you hit WOT driving around town?  The car has the stock ECU, and my
pocketbook appreciates the difference.  I don't see any mileage hit either
around town.

Any opinions (beyond the fact that my poor 200q is never going to live up to
its potential)?

John Mallick
'91 200q