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Torque Steer cured on 200 T and Eibach query

Dear Qlist,

Having been chasing excessive torque steer on my FWD 200T
late MC engined car, I've benefitted from the list's
suggestion of strut mounts, control arm bushes, alignment,
ball joints, K frame bushes and tyres. All of these have
been attended to with some, but not sufficient, improvement.

Took it to a top suspension place that prepares lots of
rally and race cars. They found that on hard accelaration,
the tail squats, the front rears, and the tyres alternately
lose traction. Solution: Konis all round, plus Eibachs.
Problem solved. Car handles brilliantly.
Thought this might help others - in hindsight its obvious!

Only problem, Eibachs have lowered the front about 3" or
more precisely 80mm which is too much. They advertise 1"
in their blurb. (This is the Eibach 1506.140 kit). Consequence
is that the ride is too harsh, and the nose is a bit too
low. I could live with it - but have been chasing
perfection for too long now to be satisfied with an
approximation. I could just have the original springs reset,
as the Eibachs are not significantly stifeer than the
OE springs (the suspension shop tested them out on
their spring measuring machine - about 10% is the difference),
but I'm surprised that the Eibachs are so much lower than 
original.  Anybody got any experience or comment?


Tony Guttmann

PS Anyone know if Dave hord exists? Sent off for an ETKA disc 
a month or so ago, and have received neither disc nor a response
to my emails to him.