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brake bleeding (was: RE: Next under the

>'Gravity Bleed' your brakes.  Simplest and most effective way, bar none, to
>clean out the old and fill up with new.  Jack it up (securely) pull off the
>wheels (for convenience) and then open the bleeders.  A piece of plastic
>tubing (clear) is very handy, available at most automotive or aquarium
>supply outlets, and a container to catch the old fluid in. When the fluid
>runs clean into the tube you can close that valve. Remember to loosen the
>brake fluid reservoir cap and keep the fluid topped up. When done -
>absolutely no air bubbles. Don't do it in the rain or on a very humid day
>and don't touch the brake pedal. Any other way requires a competent helper

Why not touch the brake pedal? (Never done this on anything but Caprices,
always pumping the pedal there; any difference between 4k and 5k on this point?)

>or special equipment. This was easy - just a little slow. You can do other
>things on the car while you monitor the fluids.