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RE: High boost problems on '91 200QW (3B)-advice?

Over the past few days, I've encountered some boost problems.  I first
noticed this on a steep grade in the Oakland hills last week.  I had the car
in 3rd gear, above 2000rpm, and the car began to buck a bit.  Downshifting
to 2nd helped.  Previous to this incident, the car would've pulled through
the rpms just fine, especially since I changed the turbo bypass valve last
fall.  On the way back to LA last night, I wanted to make sure there was a
problem.  On the Ventura grade, I slowed to about 55mph in 5th, and then
attempted to accelerate rapidly up the grade.  THe boost gauge went up to
1.7 bar, and then 1.8 bar for an instant, but with difficulty.  THe car
again started to buck, and I backed off, and downshifted.  I've done with
grade, and the gauge has gone to 1.8 bar easily, and on a couple of
occasions, 1.9bar.  It has a mild IA chip that the previous owner had
installed a few years ago.  

THe engine just turned 100k last week.  As I said, it has an IA chip, and
the usual maintenance items.  I changed the plugs last fall and put in
F5DPROs, as per spec.  I also replaced the high tension wire between coil
and distributor.  I also replaced the multifunction sender for the temp
gauge and other things.  Today I checked the lower high pressure boost hose,
and the upper one.  Both appear to be in very good condition, with no cracks
or holes.  Other than this boost problem, the car runs great.  It idles
smoothly, and doesn't stall and run roughly, except when under high boost.
The problems seem to begin when it reaches about 1.6bar.  I checked the
codes, and I'm not sure they tell much.  Now I get three codes 2111, 1111,
and 2234.  Tthe car starts easily, and doesn't exhibit any of the symptoms
described in the BEntley for 2111 or 1111.

It has a K&N filter, and I confess that I haven't even looked at it since I
bought the car 12k ago.  Other than that, I've been pretty meticulous about

Any ideas?  Similar experiences?  TIA.

- Jim