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Re: CGT Axle info-Rebuilt axles

oops, finally found it...


>CV-Tech, 819-595-0400, Hull, Quebec.
>Re-machines them (!) Life time warrenty. Worked flawless for me, sorry
>you've had bad experiences.
>Stephen Bigelow
>e-commerce/ Business Development
>IBO # 823967
>>"rebuilt" drive axles. You cannot successfully "rebuild" a worn out CV
>>Joint. Period. These guys take the OK (not the word "OK") ones from a
>>huge pile of cores, wash them pretty well, paint the shaft, and replace
>>the boots that are too shabby to get by the customer. I've seen axles of
>>a so called "reputable" brand with early Rabbit CV Joints welded on a
>>later axle because the snap ring groove isn't there on the later axles.
>>I've seen Asian car axles with snap ring grooves that would no longer
>>support the use of the retaining ring. and I've taken apart low mileage
>>"rebuilts" and seen 100K mi wear that I wouldn't have put in a customer
>>car. The new grease is often the only thing preventing a rattle or
>>Maybe on a 150K Dodge Colt, or a car where there is no way the person
>>could EVER afford a proper repair, but not a performance car.
>>I've read vigorous defenses of the practice by so called "reputable
>>rebuilders", but without replacing the joints, I fail to see how they
>>can repair the broken cages, grooved races, and pitted balls., as well
>>as the other snap ring and shaft problems that can be present.
>>Furthermore, most mass marketers operate to a price rather than a
>>quality standard. NAPA doesn't particularly fall into this category, but
>>they have had a difficult time adjusting to lines of cars not made in
>>"Detroit". We frequently run into problems with the traditional auto
>>parts industry dividing the market into "Domestic", "Imports", and
>>"European". Parts availability and expertise is often far behind the
>>others for European cars.
>>Sorry if I rambled, We're just getting open and the phone won't let me
>>think. Thanks for listening to my rant.