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Racing Games and other stuff buggin me...

 I've played Gran Turismo ever since the week it came out, and have successfully beaten almost every race in it (except for the really long 60 lap race)...have a suped up Acura NSX thats close to 500hp, love that car.  Anyways Im excited to say that I hear GT2 will have Audi, BMW, Volkswagen, and some other European car makers that were severly lacking in GT1.  All I know is that Gran Turismo has saved me a lot of
money in tickets I would have had, because it easily gets out my urge to speed in real life.  Also would like to bring up the topic of 1.8t owners vs. 2.8 owners.  I don't understand the discrepency between us.  For example, I live in South Florida, and was on a trip up to Boca Raton to see a friend of mine in my Laser Red A4 1.8t (up from Ft. Lauderdale).  Anyway to make a long story short, I passed an A4 2.8 in
silver while traveling in the HOV lane and attempted to wave to him and slowed down for a second do accomplish this.  Well he took one look at me and decided to floor it away from me without even a smile, sorta gave me a dirty look (this man was considerably older than I).  So I just continue on my way, but when I purchased an Audi, (for several reasons besides this), I thought it wouldn't be like BMW owners where
people buy them as a status symbol.  I was hoping fellow A4 owners would give me the pleasure of a nice wave back, seeing as how we both own wonderful cars.  Anyway just my two cents, Ill rant some more later...
Adam  (south florida)
-Laser Red A4 1.8t (getting my chip soon!)