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Re: Turbo on a 2.3L NF engine??

	I think its a great idea, and a much easier job than doing a
complete swap.  I see piece of junk imports all the time with sweet added
on turbos, but they have to do it because there is no factory option.
Fuel could always be added with additional injectors mounted in the
throttle body.  Boost would really have to be kept low with 10:1 though...

On Wed, 19 May 1999, Dupree, Jim wrote:

> Has anyone done this?
> The thought of a low pressure turbo on a high compression 2.3L engine has
> intrigued me for some time. It seems to me that the 2.3L w/ CIS-E 3 would be
> idea for this since the engine already has knock sensors and oil jets to
> cool the pistons. I think there are enough parts available to bolt on most
> of the conversion and run low boost pressure, about 5 psi. It seems too
> simple so I must be over looking something or several something's.
> Thoughts?
> Jim Dupree