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Re: Watch the red light's in DC

Big Brother just keeps getting bigger and bigger...


On Wed, 19 May 1999 07:25:18 -0700 Andrew <apuck@ast.lmco.com> writes:
>Just some interesting news, thought I could share with the group. In 
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>>    Automobile Association of America has urged Mayor Anthony A.
>>    Williams to rescind the District's contract for automated 
>>    cameras, saying the program to catch red-light runners should
>>    improve public safety, not offer the camera suppliers an 
>>    to make money on lawbreakers. In a two-page letter to Williams, 
>>    Anderson, director of public and government relations for the
>>    mid-Atlantic division of AAA, said the automobile association
>>    supports detection cameras, but he contends that Lockheed Martin
>>    should not receive a share of the violators'fines. "The main 
>>    for the program must be to save lives, not to enhance corporate
>>    profits," the letter said. If the cameras catch as many violators 
>>    expected, Lockheed Martin will receive about $28 million over 
>>    three-year contract. Initially, the company will get $32 of each 
>>    fine paid, dropping to $16 a ticket as the number of citations
>>    increases. "This contract is a huge conflict of interest for 
>>    the District and Lockheed Martin," Anderson said in his letter 
>>    Williams. "The goal of the program should be to see the number 
>>    red-light runners reduced to zero. What incentive is there for
>>    Lockheed Martin to see the problem reduced? Citizens have a 
>>    to question whether the District is acting to save lives or make
>>    money, or worse, make money for Lockheed Martin. A spokesman for
>>    AAA, said the District's arrangement with Lockheed is the only
>>    ticket-for-commission contract in the area, although other
>>    jurisdictions have contracts with Lockheed for detection cameras. 
>>    said that AAA strongly supports using red-light camera technology 
>>    deter motorists from running red lights but that the District's
>>    current contract with Lockheed Martin "taints the system." Mayor
>>    Williams' acting city administrator said the District will 
>>    to AAA's letter but does not plan to rescind or alter its 
>>    with Lockheed Martin. He also said there is no apparent conflict 
>>    interest in the District's giving Lockheed Martin a cut of 
>>    revenue. (Washington Post)

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