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Re: Smoked UrQ taillights - Question

	i have now worked on the connectors in two 83
	urq's.  both of them had a partial failure in 
	the wire to plug interface area for the ground 
	wire.  this is in the left side, drivers side,
	as that is where the wires meet a plug which 
	splits into each side of the car.  it uses the
	plug to do this, putting a lot of load on that
	connection point.  lightly melted plugs and 
	sagging contacts are what i have seen in both
	coupes; a little tweaking and cleaning restored
	proper service.

	i think a larger draw could easily push this
	weak spot past the limit.  someday i am going 
	to wire around this point because i would like
	to slightly increase my light output.  in your
	situation i would do the same.

On Wed, 19 May 1999, ANDREW FINNEY wrote:

]Do you think I could run the 24w brake light bulb in my rear taillights
]to get more light out of the lenses at night? Will these high wattage
]bulbs melt the lense or the backing plate?
]Andrew Finney
]1983 UrQ
]Smoked Rear Lenses.

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