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Re: Black-out badging

Saw a gray '91 200 tq in Watsonville this morning. A lister? I happened
to be driving my pw '91 200 tq. BTW, I have never seen another 200 with
gold badging, and I've seen a few... including pw. I must concur with
Ti, that it was a dealer fad for a while.

Peter Berrevoets wrote:
> Ah yes, a quick trip to your web site explains your paradigm in infinite
> detail. You are understood and forgiven. Sorry to correct you however, the
> Gold Badging seems to appear on every 200TQ I've seen in the upgraded
> factory Pearl finish. On a black car the Gold looks tacky, similar to the
> many rice-burners found dragging their six inch exhausts and chin spoilers
> around here.
> Your not in Kansas any more Toto.
> Peter Berrevoets
> 1990 200TQ 10V
> With an Attitude
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