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Re: a real ur-q sunroof??

In message <199905192206.KAA06895@fep2-orange.clear.net.nz> Dave.Eaton@clear.net.nz writes:

> for real???  an ur-quattro factory sliding roof - now you're talking.  ok
> phil, you need to get roger drunk, pissed as a neut preferably, and then get
> him to agree to a late night sunroof refit.  during which time you will note
> how the hell audi did it, and come up with a 10-step easy retrofit guide for
> the rest of us stuck with a virtually useless sunroof....
> hell, i'll even reimburse you for the grog :-)

We have to do it anyway, at some point.  The bodywork around the edges
of the sliding panel needs attention, and we're both eager to drop the
headliner.  A project spoken of _many_ times.

Phil Payne