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A Bunch of Stuffs

I am wondering about a bunch of stupid questions.  They are rambling
around my head at this moment for some reason.  I just took my '88 80 to
have the CV's checked, I'm praying they are OK.  I did notice a very faint
clicking when the wheels were turned by hand.  But hold onto your mouse as
I ramble into another world here, my jumbled college brain:

First question:
Best guess on amount of labor for changing inner+outer CV joints on an
Automatic '88 80.

Second question:
Best guess on cost for remanufactured axle with CV's.

Third question:
Wandering front end with clunky suspension noises, mounts, bearings?
There is a bent control arm effecting the passenger side camber up front.

Fourth question:
Front wheels off ground on lift, car started in Neutral and wheels spin
constantly, any guesses?

Fifth question:
Are Toyo F24 tires any good?  Looking for a good 205/45-16ZR high-perf

Sixth question:
Washing engine with gunk remover(plastic and rubber safe) and hose when 
engine cool and running, good, bad?

Seventh question:
200q20v with very stiff clutch pedal(makes my knee hurt to drive the car)
and makes an odd tinny, rattling noise when clutch pedal is depressed.
Anything bad?

Eigth question:
200q20v gets soaked in real downpours, I mean yucky weather, starts to
stall out and misbehave big time.  When going through deep puddles a noise
will eminate from the center of the car, the car shakes, and feels like it
doesn't want to go at all.  Has never stalled in that situation though. 
Any thoughts?

I am so sorry guys, I just had to ask all that b.s. and get it off of my
head.  At least I am trying to get some answers here, but probably none on
that 80.  Seems to me I have committed a cardinal sin on this list and
that is own a '88 80 non-quattro Automatic(yuck) 4 cylinder VW/Audi hybrid
go-cart.  I have recieved some great responses from people and have helped
some other 80 owners, but I know that there isn't to much info in your all
heads about my 80 2 wheeler, but I would like to thank all those people
who have helped me, and apologize to those who think that this is a waste
of bandwidth, I am being sincere.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart
guys, my car is my baby, and my mother's 200q20v is my dream wagon!

Thanks again,
Alexander van Gerbig '88 80
The Audi 80 Pages

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'88 80
'90 90q20v
'91 200q20v Avant
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