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Re: Smoked UrQ taillights - Question

On Thu, 20 May 1999, Huw Powell wrote:

]something I just discovered on my coupe - that left side connector is
]actually a two piece affair.  Slid apart, it is a lot easier to
]"respring" the contacts.  My right side (and center...) brake light has
]actually worked consistently for a week now.

	yep!  discovering this made further dismantling and
	subsequent repair a pretty simple affair.  as soon
	as i got in there deep they worked 100%.

]the gorund is easy, there is a 1/4" tab on the light cluster to add a
]better ground.  Until last week's discovery I had planned to use some
]spare 4 pin connectors and redo that section of the harness.  I'll worry
]about it when the darn things fail again, now.

	oh, where on the cluster?  i thought about clipping 
	the plug and building somehting better, but i have
	never done that level of engineering for a car.  what
	i'd really like is access to various types of auto
	electrical plugs and connectors - i want to select 
	by spec - # of wires, gague, voltage, amperage, etc.

]PS, the 87.5 had a one piece left side connector - and does not depend
]on the insertion of the light cluster male pins to make contact with the
]wires to the right side.  Not sure if it's worth splicing in or swapping
]for the old one though.

	lordy those people in ingolstat or whatever output
	some pretty sketchy designs.  it's nice to see they
	seem to have been working on stuff like this over
	the years.  the only true suck thing about the urq's,
	at least the early ones, is the vw rabbit quality 
	wiring.  anyway this 87.5 stuff looks like something
	i'll keep my eye out for.

 rocky mullin
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