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Re: Smoked UrQ taillights - Question

> ]the ground is easy, there is a 1/4" tab on the light cluster to add a
> ]better ground.  Until last week's discovery I had planned to use some
> ]spare 4 pin connectors and redo that section of the harness.  I'll worry
> ]about it when the darn things fail again, now.
>         oh, where on the cluster? 

top outer corner as I recall.

>         i thought about clipping
>         the plug and building somehting better, but i have
>         never done that level of engineering for a car.  what
>         i'd really like is access to various types of auto
>         electrical plugs and connectors - i want to select
>         by spec - # of wires, gague, voltage, amperage, etc.

Buy lots of dead Audis and strip them... another possibility is trailer
harnesses - many different styles, #'s of wires.  Usually pigtails
though, not snap in connectors like the stuff Audi uses.

anyway, on the 5kt I drilled a hole through a fat chunk of the taillight
ground trace and ran a wire from it a bolt on it to to a bolt on the
frame.  Was expecting to do the same to the coupe when I found the
little tab.  very handy.  Of course there are also (6 mm?) threaded
holes in the body nearby already, too.

Huw Powell


82 Audi Coupe; 84 4kq; 85 Coupe GT