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RE: a real ur-q sunroof??

Hope the headliner is easier to remove, and WAY easier to replace, than
same on the Type 89 cars. My Cq headliner needs to be *sliced* out, then
good luck gluing its replacement back in. Prolly easiest if you rolled the
car on its roof. Yeah, right.
-Ian Duff.
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> We have to do it anyway, at some point.  The bodywork around the edges
>  of the sliding panel needs attention, and we're both eager to drop the
>  headliner.  A project spoken of _many_ time

Interesting that these all appear to be '84 models ... looks like Audi
have tried a few then dropped it.  Neither the UK service manual nor the
and US parts fiches have any info at all about this.  Yet another Ur-Q