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Re: a real ur-q sunroof??

On Thu, 20 May 1999 JustaxPHX@aol.com wrote:
> Interesting that these all appear to be '84 models ... looks like Audi must 
> have tried a few then dropped it.  Neither the UK service manual nor the UK 
> and US parts fiches have any info at all about this.  Yet another Ur-Q 
> mystery...

There is a derelict UrQ sitting in the back lot at Concours Motors in
Milwaukee, WI.  Concours is a multi-line dealer handling Porsche, MB, BMW,
VW, Mazda, Saab and MB SUVs.  Dont know what year it is, a nice metallic
blue.  It has (had?) a sunroof.  I know that only because where the roof
once was is now a big hole letting in the sky, sun, rain, snow, leaves,
etc.   One of their technicians has or had an UrQ but a different color.
I wonder if this one is being used as a parts car.

Bill murin
89 100q