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Re: Consistently Warped Rotors Driving Me Nuts

In a message dated 5/19/99 3:18:41 PM Central Daylight Time, 
caliban@sharon.net writes:

<< 	are "torque sticks" adequate? >>
	Normally, NO!  Two reasons. Mainly because the shops refuse to adjust 
the air pressure to a proper level. [Torque sticks are designed so that at a 
given air pressure they are supposed to have the impact wrench apply 
**approximately** a certain amount of torque.] Second, there is a big 
difference between torque wrenches.
	Since there is never any calibration done, they is no telling what 
torque is actually applied to the lugs. If YOU calibrate one to your car 
(checking against a torque wrench), then YOU should be able to use one. Do 
not let any MonkeyLads (tm by another lister) use them on your car unless you 
plan to immediately loosen them and re-torque to proper specs.
	FWIW, We have found that using the Audi-supplied short lug wrench 
works reasonably well.  Putting your full weight on it will apply 
**approximately** half your body weight in lb/ft of torque. For most people 
this is close enough to 80 psi to be acceptable. (BTW, use steady pressure, 
do not pound on the wrench.)

	After while.....