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TT TV commercial

Subject line says it all.

Saw it for the first time last night, I liked it, kind-of an
"artsy-fartsy" type commercial, but that seems to be Audi's forte'
recently. I believe it was on CBS or ABC (USA networks).

I've also looked over a couple TTs at one of the local Audi dealers,
Carousel, about 2 weeks ago, then when I was there on Monday there were
none in sight. I'm betting that whomever they were for picked them up
very quickly.

I realize that everyone will have their own opinion, I like it.....a
lot. If I had $30-40K burning a hole in my pocket, I'd definitely get
one, but I would wait for the Quattro (aka 4Motion) version.

One thing that struck me as "out of place" was the tiny rear disc brakes
showing through the spokes of those monster 17 inch wheels.

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