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Re: ABT conversions?

I'm looking at a couple of TQC's that had ABT "Stage 2" conversions done
to them some time ago.  Can anyone tell me specifically what this
implies as to changes involved, engine output, maintainability, and
availability of repair parts or methods of undoing the mods if

I assume that this upgrade implied some ECU changes, but how about the
turbo, cam, and other hard parts? Is the engine still diagnosable and/or
repairable if it has problems? Did this conversion imply suspension
changes as well?

Bottom line - is such a car a good deal, or is ABT the long-run kiss of
death for an '83 TQC?

Below is a post from 1995 or do detailing the ur-q products which were
available in the Abt catalog. I believe the Stage 2 mod included the Sport
pressure regulator(tweeked warm up regulator), sport wastegate(spring),
and euro control unit.

I have had the opportuninty to check out various Abt tweeked cars and
the work performed in this time period was a real hack. In the mid-late
80's, Abt was based in California and run by Jo Hoppen and his sons.
They really had no clue what they were doing, except making lots of $$.
To up the hp of the cars they tried to duplicate the euro spec cars which
started out with 200hp. I almost bought a Abt stage 3 1985 urq in the 
early 90's. It was the stage 2 and then included the front mounted 
intercooler, big valve head, camshaft, etc. It had no O2 sensor and the
O2 frequency valve was removed. There was a straight pipe in place 
of the cat. It was a real hack and to get this car to pass Colorado 
emissions would have been a problem. You could smell the unburned 
fuel in the exhaust. I passed on the car, for the asking price it needed 
too much TLC to get it straight again.

When looking over any urq, I would check over it very carefully. For
an Abt modified urq, I would make sure all the emissions controls are 
present and functioning.

Dave Lawson  Boulder, CO
1983 urq
1990 200 TQ Avant

  Abt catalog & price list revised 12/1/87

  P/N                          desc                        price
  ABT Qm 1           Group 1 Mod           $1695 US  (200 HP, Euro Spec)
  ABT Qm 2           Group 2 Mod           $2720        (230 HP)
  ABT Qm 3           Group 3 Mod           $8735        (260 HP)
  035-133-403 SP    Sport Press Reg       $ 275
  035-145-705 SP    Sport WG                $ 725        (mighty expen$ive
spring for .2 BAR more!)
  T300-305-296 KO 296 cam                  $ 695        (Schrick 296 degree
11.2 mm lift, 3500-4500 RPM)
  T857-100-211 SP  adj boost valve         $ 775
  T857-100-210 SP  modd cont unit       $ 250
  T857-100-209 SP  modd euro unit       $1825       (and you thought Ned was
  T857-100-260 SP  large valve head       $1550
  T857-100-261 SP  Abt sport icooler     $1675
  T857-100-263 SP  Abt sport oil cooler  $ 475
  T800-100-202 SP  hi perf head gasket   $ 275
  437-253-100 SP    cat test pipe              $   59.95
  4088.80                 80C thermostat        $   26.95  (is now 75 C)
  481D.85                fan thermo sw          $   23.95
  857-400-001         Abt spt springs        $ 645
  86V-2086             Koni Sport front       $  225.90 each
  86V-2087             Koni Sport rear        $  225.90 each
  32-976-5               Boge TS front          $   70.10  each  (OEM
Quattro Sport)
  32-977-6               Boge TA rear           $   70.10 each  (OEM Quattro
  437-600-301 SP    ventd rotor front     $  300 each
  437-600-302 SP    vent rotor rear        $ 240 each
  437-600-221 SP    Repco pads front      $  48.90
  437-600-222 SP    Repco pads rear       $  68.90
  857-399-151 SP    trans & diff mount   $ 42.50 each           (4 required)
  857-407-181 SP    cont arm bushing    $  18.50 each           (8 required)
  857-199-339 SP   front torque mount   $  40
  437-199-381 SP   motor mount            $199 each              (2
  035-145-900 SP    turbo-life                $ 249
  855-900-400 SP   early Cibie hd lites  $ 625                      (set)
  855-900-500 SP   late Hella hd lites    $ 575                      (set)
  (got em for $495 on special in 88)
  855-945-172 SP   smoke tail lite left   $   99
  855-945-182 SP   smoke tail lite right $   99
  855-945-956 SP   smoke center panel  $ 140
  H1s, H4s, VDO guages & senders, etc.....

  Kindah makes the IA mod worth 60+ HP look pretty attrective at $795, $545
  group purchase?

  Catalog has a nice graph showing stock Euro and Group 3 Abt HP and torque

  I tried to find better prices on the head and tail lights in Germany, UK,
Finland and Sweden.
  All the prices were higher than those quoted by Abt above, a LOT higher. I
got em from Abt in CA in 2/88.

  Abt HW is now available through _Europart_. Unknown to me about the
validity of the above
  Abt P/Ns, prices, availability, etc.