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Burlington, VT Garage in the Dog House

The garage I used several times in Burlington, VT., Spillane's Service
Center, tried to had me severely.  I had hit something in the road and
asked for diagnosis.  They found nothing wrong, without asking me they
decided to send the car to a tire center for an alignment, then after the
alignment supposedly couldn't be done because the camber cannot be set on
my car(a total lie) they sent it to the autobody shop for the frame jig.
The autobody shop said the frame was bent in the rear and fixed it at the
labor rate of the original garage, $100.  I liked that!  Then they
original garage towed my car from the autobody shop back to the garage and
charged me for it, $50 and it's a mile away!  Then they claimed that it
was the control arm, not true, and ordered the parts directly from the
dealership without asking me again.  I took the car paid the bill and told
them I was coming back with the control arms from an independent parts
dealer, I just went home.  I took the car in yesterday to my main mechanic
and he did a full suspension checkover, camber is within tolerance, cv's
are dying, rear shocks are soft, control arm bushings are bad.  Completely
different diagnosis than before, I wonder who is right?  I told the
mechanic about what happened in Vermont and he could honestly say they
were either very confused or just ripping people off.  Anyone every used
these guys?  I recommend no.  Nice guys though, they saved my ass with a
new starter in less than a day for only $450 including labor and parts and
new anti-freeze.  Oh well!

Alexander van Gerbig '88 80
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