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Re: A/C system pressures

Should be the same as for any R-12 system. Not to put too fine a point on it,
but the refrigerant doesn't know what car it's in. Refrigerant capacity is of
academic (and maybe logistic) interest only. Ya charges it up 'til the
pressures are right. If someone having the data in a handier place than I do
doesn't chime in sometime soon, email me off-list and I'll dig it up. You've
got an A/C Technician Certificate, right? :)

At 08:00 AM 5/20/99 -0400, Bob.Sandy@USPTO.GOV wrote:
>Any Q-listers out there know what the high-side and low-side operating
>pressures, and Refrigerant capacity should be for an R-12 A/C system on a 91

Larry Mittell
87 5kcstq
89 200tqw