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rear window for a 91 200q

Well, I had my wisdom teeth removed today and about the time that Dr
Death was cracking my teeth, a rock was doing the same to the rear
window on the 200. I got home, mouth full of guaze, to find a small hole
in the window and it completely shattered. I had to drive it a few miles
to my mom's house to make sure it was garaged over-night and in the
process knocked most of the glass on to the rear ledge and back seat.
So, tomorrow I will try to get it all fixed up. I would appreciate any
siggestions about doing this cheaply and quickly. Any Colorado listers
recommend somewhere to go for this? Anyone know what the number of that
Audi Salvage place in Castle Rock/Colorado Springs is? I think it was
called Santa Fe at one time. My pillow calls. Thanks for your help.