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RE: wheels/tyres

are you saying that upsizing has got to be a win?  or simply that it can be
a win depending upon experience and the size of your pockets (and could
equally well be a loss)?

fwiw, i played around with my s2 and endeavoured to improve the turn-in by
going +1 (keeping the 16" wheels).  it helped to a point, but i lost other
things in the deal, like (particulalry wet weather) traction/braking.  there
was no discernable improvement in handling either (placebo effect taken into
account).  little change in comfort due to the marginal increase in unsprung
weight.  i did however, like the looks...

given that there is no more tyre surface on the road, i can understand that
(depending upon the tyre used), the improvement of contact patch width
*might* improve turn-in, (but it could just as easily not due to loss of
centering).  i wonder if the trade-offs (less contact patch length) are
worth it.  i also wonder if most people figure this out before the leap into
"upgraded" boots.

'95 rs2
'90 ur-q
'61 mb fintail

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> clearly many on this list have btdt with "positive" results.  what am i
>  missing?

Have you ever performed a before-and-after comparison on a car of your own
(or one that you're intimately familiar with) or are your observations based
soley upon theory?