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RE: 1987 4KQ fuel pump relay? found that, but still DOA

	I finally was able to find the "fuse/relay" list in the Bentley, and 
found that the FPR is in relay area 10. Some listers had mentioned this in 
posts. I find it interesting that the f/r list in the car calls it something 
else entirely. Also find it interesting that Bentley makes no reference 
whatsoever to the relays under the dash, those have to be traced out through 
the wiring diagram I guess.
	I exchanged the FPR with one from my daughter's '84 4KQ. No change. I 
also swapped some other ones just to be sure. Fuse #24 is in place, one spot 
away from the end of the row. Plus there's a 30 amp fuse in the back spot -- 
just like in the 5Ks, but it's just a spare in this one.  :-)
	I've got some temp sensors to check and will look into the lambda 

	Thanks for the input so far. Sooner or later this car has GOT to run 
again.  :-)