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contributions for the list/site


No sob story, just some facts.

My startup expenses for the new site are now running into the low
thousands, and about $200/month or so in connectivity.

Some of you have asked how and when you could contribute ($) to the
list.  I've been trying to avoid asking for money since I want to 
get some advertisers to foot the bills, so here are two suggestions...

1) You can send contributions to the following address:

Dan Simoes
c/o audifans.com
PO Box 1382
Yorktown Heights, NY 10598

Please make checks to Dan Simoes.

If desired, I will "reward" contributors with an alias of the form
"yourname@audifans.com" which will point to your real email address.
At some point I may be able to offer web-based email like hotmail.com
does.  I can also provide you with a place to store some basic web pages
and images, as long as they are not over 5Mb or so.

How much to send?  No minimum, really, but some people have suggested
that the list is much more valuable than European Car or Car&Driver
magazine, which range from $10-20/yr for a subscription.
You figure it out.

Another metric - how much did you save by ordering parts from a place you
read about on the list/site, or by using an independent mechanic that was
listed here?  What was it worth to find that pristine S4/6/urQ on
the marketplace ads?

2. Next time you order parts from your favorite vendor, remind him/her
that your heard about this place through the list, and wouldn't it
be a good idea for them to advertise on the new list/web page?
Direct them to my email at dans@audifans.com or voice 914-672-9217.

Lastly, I seriously need help in organizing content.  Please email me
if you would like to take on the task of cleaning up a particular
topic for the FAQ.  I have a mail folder with major threads of
the list, in addition to the existing archives, and this would make
an excellent start to model-specific FAQs.

Thanks for your support.

| Dan |
Dan Simoes