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Re: '93 90S repair manuals?


>OK, so there's no factory repair manual for the '93+ 90 series.
>What do you folks use for this series?  Any DIY owners of this car
>out there?

There is a factory manual set available from Dyment Publications, they
handle all the factory service literature for the Audi Dealerships. Private
individuals can also purchase these manuals from them.

Call Dyment Publications at 1-800-544-8021 for price quote and ordering

The manual "set" which contains 15-20 separate booklets, is not cheap,
~$400 but you can purchase the individual sections for $25-50. A few months
ago I purchased the wiring diagram for the 1993 Audi 90 Quattro for about $30.

My web site has a listing of the individual manual books available from
Dyment that are part of the manual set for the 1993 Audi 90 and other
Audis. Go to


for details.

Scott Mockry
SJM Auto-Technik