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Re: NON-Q: How To Improve Ford Pickup Brakes - HELP

>I was told by my tranny mech.(When I asked how I can prevent killing my 3
>automa-sick) That downshifting in a Automactic is BAD for the tranny.
[more snip]

Downshifting an automatic is bad, being in a lower gear is not.  There is a
distinction :-)

I think your mechanic was referring to driving an automatic like a stick,
where you shift it all the time.  Most automatics don't handle that very
well.  Things like the automatic stickshift in the old VWs and the new
Tiptronic are built to be manually shifted and handle it much better.

Downshifting a stick is bad too, BTW.  It wears out your Syncromesh
clutches.  They would last longer if you only upshifted, and came to a
complete stop before you shifted into first :-)


Bernard Littau
Woodinville, WA
'88 5kcstq, purposely wearing down my syncromesh