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re: sunroofs

I noticed the postings on the sunroof issue & had one 
thing to add. The rear c-pillar vents are indeed vented 
to the interior of the car, not there just for 
appearances sake. In order to verify this, I went over to 
the trusty ( and still dusty) Rally car & blew air 
through the vent causing a far amount of dust & a few 
dead bugs to fly out inside of the car. I think they have 
to do with some kind of mandatory air exchange rate or 
something dictated by the DOT.
Ron Wood-Audis (& sunroofs) a plenty
82 & 83 UR-Q
84, 85, 87(2) 4KQs
87.5 CGT
84 A2 Turbo Coupe Rally car