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Ur quattro overboost

Took my Ur-q for a shakedown run tonight (new turbo, afterrun pump and other
little bits & pieces) everything was fine for the first 10 miles or so then
the engine stumbled once during accelleration. I didn't have my foot to the
floor, just letting the car sort of 'surge' along at about 3/4 throttle. I
didn't like the feeling of the stumble (well, you don't when you've just got
it back on the road do you?) so I headed home to pull the codes.

2224 overboost. Is this likely to have caused the 'stumble' and is it
something that needs fixing asap or can I live with it for a week or so?

Also, does anybody know of a way to test the radiator temperature switch or
is it just a case of 'if in doubt buy a new one'?


Jim Haseltine