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Stop Me !!

Dearest Audi Collective,

I need a sanity check for a problem that arose today.  Wife calls from
friends house and says the Audi... '87 5k CSq w/95k mi... brake pedal went
to the floor as she got there.  I go over and swap cars and drive home...
8mi... with no brakes.  (Can you say "plan ahead?")

Symptoms:  with only very modest resistance the pedal goes to the floor,
with engine running pulsing occurs from half way on to the floor, with
engine not running there is no pulsing.  No leaks, all fluid levels are up,
hand brake works fine, no noticeable warning signs.

Analysis:  The brake master cylinder has failed catastrophically.

Questions:  Any other possible scenarios?  Does this tell me anything about
the condition of my hydraulic accumulator?

Thanks, Gross Scruggs