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Re: a yaw'ning chasm....

> Needless to say, I respectfully disagree with Dave's comments above.  And if 
> anybody figures out how a "locked" diff can transfer torque, please be sure 
> to drop me a note before I go offline for the summer at the end of the 
> month...

You have to think of it with one pair of wheels off the ground, say
the rear, and with the car traveling at a constant speed.  In this case,
the rear wheels _cannot_ be receiving any more torque than that
required to overcome the frictional forces in the rear diff and
rear axles.  If they did, they would accelerate and the locked
center diff prevents that.  Therefore, the rest of the torque must
be going to the front.  Pretty close to 100%-0% front-rear.

It all comes from every action having an equal and opposite
reaction (at the end of the car on the ground) and that if there
is a resultant force, there will be an acceleration (and vice-versa).