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Re: NON-Q: How To Improve Ford Pickup Brakes - HELP


Sorry to perpetuate the off topic thread, but since I use my 97 Dodge RAM 
1500 to haul both horses AND Audi parts I wish to add something to the 

Wolff wrote:

<< Really important to get a transmission temperature gauge. If it gets
too hot, it's all over. BAST with a '98 Dodge Ram. Ever seen 14 quarts
of trans fluid on the ground? This would apply to Audi automatics towing
a trailer as well.
Wolff >>


You must not have purchased the maximum cooling package or your system is not 
operating properly. The max cooling package monitors the trans temperature 
and if it gets high automatically turns off the overdrive and flashes a 
warning light.

John Katos
87 5ktq
97 Dodge Ram 1500 w/10000 lb. tow capacity
91 Sundowner two-horse trailer fully loaded approx. 5000 lb.
many Alfa Romeo