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Re: Does German Cars cost more in Germany?

On Mon, 24 May 1999 11:58:15 EDT, you wrote:

>Had an argument last night with my friends.  A German friend of mine owns a 
>98 MercedeB S 600 and he claims that in Germany it cost more than he bought 
>it here.  I had a hard time believing that.  Wouldn't it be cheaper, due to 
>the shipping taken out and the import taxes?  Why would they want their own 
>country to pay more for the same car?  Please confirm this, I have money 
>riding on this one.....=P

You in the US has got _very_ cheap cars compared to most european
countries. As an example: The A4 2.8Q costs about $80000 here, a 87
5kCSTQ costs about $11000, a 93 V8 costs about $40000, the same for a