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Re: Hard-starting 1991 100s

Michael Murphy <mmurphy@nais.com> wrote:

>> In message
>>"Norman, >Victor J" writes:
>> > I have a 1991 100s (non-turbo, NF engine, CIS-E III). It starts fine from
>> > cold, but if I turn off the ignition after the car has warmed up and then
>> > immediately try to restart, it will not start. If I wait just a couple of
>> > minutes it starts with no problem. A little embarrassing if I stall
>>the car
>> > in the middle of a busy intersection....
>> > Any suggestions on fixing this problem would be much appreciated.
>> Speculating ...
>> System pressure leaking down _fast_ leaving control pressure so high
>> that it holds the air mass sensor paddle down?


>Good speculating Phil.  And the culprit (on my 89 100 with same problem
>as Vic's) was the fuel pressure check valve.

Sounds like what my car's doing at the moment, though I haven't been able
to connect it to either a hot or a cold engine. Sometimes it starts
perfectly several times in a row, sometimes it's the devil's own job to
start. It always starts in the end though. It catches, turns and then
stalls again (on the first try)- then several cranks with no result, then-

Runs perfectly after that, no noticeable loss of power or rough running. I
did pour a bottle of injector cleaner down the (full) tank recently. Could
I have dislodged something? It's still in there, didn't fully empty the
tank yet.