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Re: Contact patches

Mr. Eaton writes...

>what you need to understand is that the contact patch shape *will* change
>with the modification of the tyres (generally wider and shorter for plus
>sizes).  that is where your improvement in cornering (lateral grip) can
>from, but at the expense of (longitudional) traction/braking because the
>contact patch has become shorter as well.  its the old friction circle

Which is one reason why quick (Top Fuel, ..ok, _real_ quick) cars have
_tall_ tires. A _long_ stable contact patch for acceleration...that darn
friction circle again!

Plus the gearing change as they expand down the track...*s*

They have no interest in a wide, lateraly stable patch...what use is that?

I'd say if you can go from zero to over 300 in four and change driving the
_tires_, you've probably got a handle on the friction circle.