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Re: 89 200 ----to a----> 200 20v worth it?

Jason, the 200 20v is a more powerful car, with some nice upgrades, but it
will be as expensive to keep up as your current car.  In several areas, it
will be more due to the complex nature of the 20v.  The key here is to find
a car that is low miles, or very well maintained.

Dave Puterbaugh
1991 200 20v sedan
Gig Harbor WA
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Date: Monday, May 24, 1999 12:03 AM
Subject: 89 200 ----to a----> 200 20v worth it?

>Hey Q-heads....I got a problem and wondering if the great minds can shed
>light for me....
>I own a 89 200 FWD.  Besides the little problems with it, I love it, even
>though its a FWD.  Here is the problem I face.....I want a get a 200 20v.
>am thinking the most I can get with my car is probably 5000, if even that.
>have seen 200 20v for 8000 - 9000.  I would have to get a loan from the
>parents to help me with the 3k.  But is it worth it?  Put aside the
>and the 20v.  I am having problems with my car(heated seats don't heat,
>air flap doesn't flap, struts/shocks dead, etc etc) and problems that I
>fixed$$$.  Will I have these problems with a 20v?  Do I have to fork over
>300+ dollars for a new fuel pump, again?  Or pay bucks to unfreeze the rear
>calipers?  These questions plague my mind all day.  Should I fork over more
>money for a S4?  Does the S4 have less problems than a 200?
>Any comments would be great....TIA
>Jason C
>89 200t10v
>Redmond WA