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Re: ur-q cold-start system TSBs?

Nothing heard so far......

My issue is that the 85 ur-q (my example anyhows) does not start well when
warm/hot. She starts right up when cold, every time, with the CS injector
connected. When she will not start when warm/hot I can _always_ get her to
start right up by disconnecting the CS valve connector at the valve. This
indicates to me that the CS valve is operating when it should not be
operating and creating an excessively rich mixture. Both the CS
thermotime-switch and CS relay have been replaced with new parts, no

Of course all of the above is now _past tense_ as I blew the KUQEFH last
week on Rte 495S @ Rte 111 in MA on the way to work.... BIG puff o' blue
oil smoke at ~ 95-100 MPH uphill under boost, intermittent tapping
'valve-like' noise from top end, compression ~20:70:90:90:80 PSI 1-5
(should be 121-130 PSI - ooops!). Looks like no ur-q parade for Audi's
100th birthday celebration at the Mt. Washington Hillclimb fer this unhappy



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Subject:  Re: ur-q cold-start system TSBs?

did you ever find out any infomation on this??? I would be interested in
Thanks in advance
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Subject: ur-q cold-start system TSBs?

>Anyone know of any TSBs on the ur-q cold-start system?
>Please respond to: glen_powell@3com.com