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Re: Cross drill = crack rotors?

> I got some nice brembo rotors and when installing them, my mech.
said that 
> they will crack.  "Its not IF they will crack, its WHEN it will
more folklore....have had cross drilled brembos on a series of
motorcycles [duke 900ss-the big bevel twin, and a gpz or two] and
cross drilled rotors on two 911's and a 930.  all were extensively
drilled and the holes champhered, and not one crack of any type, ever!
 all were used agressively.  don't know if the drilling actually did
anything or not but the wizards at stutgart thought that the holes
were good for something...

jim catterson
90 v8q [just sold]
95 volvo 850 turbo wagon
93 eurovan gl w/ 200 tq wheels
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