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90q remanufacured radio --please advise

I'd like to hear from people who have purchased remanufactured radios from
Audi. I just got mine for $117 after I turned in my old one. the only
problem with it was that the tape ran a bit too fast. Well, it looks quite
suspicious, so I wanted to get some input before I talk to the dealer.

Here are the problems: first, it came with absolutely no paperwork which
would state the warranty, or when and by whom it was rebuilt. The radio is
in a rather disgusting visual shape, the face plate shows quite a bit of
fading, so does the volume control button. The rubber "cover" of the volume
control knob was put on incorrectly, and the button itself was cracked and
was cemented back together in a rather sloppy manner so it's not centered.
( A minor thing, but annoying). There is dirt in various places.

Basically, it looks as if the unit has just been pulled off a wreck and
sold as a reman without any work performed on it. It was shipped in a
generic  brown cardboard box wrapped in a piece of bubblewrap. So here are
my questions:

1. When you got your radio, was there any paperwork accompanying it and how
was it packed ?

2. Does anyone know if the remanufactured units are supposed to have a
certain set of normal wear items replaced ( I expected that all the rubber
belts/rollers inside, for instance, would be replaced as well as perhaps
springs) or do they just fix watever was wrong with the core and sell it?

The radio is OK functionally, all the lights work, the AM/FM reception is
fine. The tape doesn't sound as rich as the radio, but I am not sure of the
quality of the tape I was trying it out with. I'll make a good fresh cd
copy and try it again.

Please let me know if your experiences have been different. I didn't expect
it to look completely brand new, but in exchange for an almost perfect unit
plus $117 I expected to get  more then something that looks like it came
from a junkyard.

Thanks everyone,