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Re: Cross-drill = cracked rotors?

>I got some nice brembo rotors and when installing them, my mech. said
>they will crack.  "Its not IF they will crack, its WHEN it will
>crack?"  This
>kinda scared me a bit.  Q-list confirm this?

Not with a BTDT, but have heard the same stories.  I currently have x-drilled Brembo rotors,
and must say I noticed zero performance difference from stock.  I expected to see much
less fading, that did not happen.  OTOH, switching different pads has made a much greater
difference.  Stock -> Rofren = no difference.  Rofren -> Westons (AFT/ -3 compound)
= amazing difference.
Next set of rotors will be stock undrilled.  We'll see if that is a step backwards now that
I've found some pads that rock.  Even if that happens I doubt I will go with x-drilleds
again, given the anecdotal stories of cracking.  Slotted rotors may be a better alternative,
but I think that this may also have some cracking exposure, as it is also a machining process
done to the rotors which inherently disturbs the metalurgy.
And I can confirm the other comments about improved feel and response with SS lines.
But there are also horror stories about these failing, so I intend to replace mine every 2

Matt Rooke