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'87 5KTQ vacuum leak?

	I went through all the small vacuum hoses related to the ECU and the 
wastegate/turbo. All the lines are sound, no leaks according to the vacuum 
	The ECU is still giving me a 2221 code. This is a stock ECU with a 
ScottMo 1.6 bar spring in the wastegate.
	I tried to pull a vacuum through the hose attached to the ECU. Not 
possible. However, if I plugged that line at the intake manifold it would 
hold vacuum fine. Is it supposed to hold a vacuum with everything connected?
	If it is, I have to assume that I have a hose NOT related to the 
wastegate lines that is leaking. The intercooler to throttle body hose is 
less than a year old and seemed to be quite stiff, no soft spots at all. 
Haven't seen anything else either. Anyone know any "pet hiding spots" on 
these engines? Would love to find this leak and get on the road again.