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Stereo Advice

Based on q-list feedback and personal research, I think I've decided to
change out my factory Wiesbaden cassette deck rather than go with another FM
modulated CD changer.

Couple questions for those of you who have BTDT:

1)  My Wiesbaden (circa 1988) has 2 FM antenna jacks - which one do you plug
into the new headunit?  One is labeled front, one rear.  If I disconnect the
'rear' I lose FM reception altogether.  If I disconnect just the 'front', I
get FM just fine, so do you just use the rear wire and ignore the other?

2)  I think I've decided on a Blaupunkt Toronto in-dash CD player.  Anyone
have any particularly negative experiences with this model?

Thanks in advance.

Dan Sinclair
1988 Audi 90, 70,000mi.
Pic and details at: