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Re: Audi in wrecking yards

Might be from a couple of things. One, it's hard to get a
decent mechanic, and so the cost of a repair might have
seemed excessive. But I think the majority of the reasons
you see so many is that for many years, much to those of us
buying used audi's joy, Audi's resale value in the states
have been terrible. So it's easy to have one totaled with
the same amount of damage that would have sent an accord to
a body shop.

Plus, you have people who drive these cars a little harder.
;^ ) And the high school kids (no insult intended to younger
members of the list--I'm sure you take good care of your
Audis) who can pick up a GT coupe for $500 then trash it. .

Dave Nevin
87 4KCSq