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Re: Brake bleeding/changing 87 CGT

There will be very little mixing of the fluid when you flush it.

Don't drain it, you'll have a devil of a time getting all the air out,
especially if you have ABS.

On my new '88 5kcstq, and did two rounds of flushing:

Master Cylinder is near LF (Left Front), so I did RR until the fluid changed
from old to new, then, LR, RF, LF, then RR, LR, RF, LF, and RR.  The first
round I did until the fluid changed color at each location, the second round
I did 5-10 brake pedal to the floor rounds.  Keep the reservoir from going
empty, but drain it as much as you dare the first few times before you top
it off with new DOT 4 brake fluid.  Do not use DOT 5!!!

Let me know if you need more info.


Bernard Littau
Woodinville, WA
'88 5kcstq

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Date: Wednesday, May 26, 1999 7:34 AM
Subject: Brake bleeding/changing 87 CGT

>I was going to renew my brake fluid today, as it hasn't been done for
>I was wondering what the best way is to drain the brake system totally of
>the old fluid, just keep bleeding the lines or is there a better way..
>Please reply to my email address so I will catch it because I am going to
>start this project in a few hours..
>Brian Raymond
>Enigma Technologies