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Re: Blue Smoke at Start-up

Blue smoke is common on most VW/Audi engines when the valve guide seals
are deteriorating. The simptoms are not consistent however and may go
away for a while when the vehicle is run for many
hours.....Solution...drive it.
Ralph Cook

Greg R Wilson wrote:

> I've noticed in my review mirror that when I start my car, especially
> after
> it has been sitting for a few hours, there is a blue-white cloud.  Oil
> consumption is quite low (1/3 to 1/2 quart every 4,000 miles), so I
> don't
> believe the valve guides are bad at this point.  I read recently that
> bad/old fuel injectors could cause the problem - specifically blue
> smoke at
> start-up.  The car often hesitiates when trying to drive away cold.  I
> was
> wondering if anyone could confirm or deny the injector theory.  And if
> injector replacement is the correct answer, is it a difficult job,
> e.g. how
> long, special tools, been there done that tips, etc.  Always
> appreciate the
> help!
> 86 5000 TQ   128k