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ARP head fasteners...


On a few occassions on the q-list in about the last year or
so I've read about replacing bolts when refitting the cylinder head.
Something to do with the old bolts stretching and maybe being good
for one session of re-use. Also, if my memory serves me correctly
there was some mention of using some type of stronger head bolt.
Something about racing bolts or bolts made by ARP. Can anyone give
me a hint on this? What bolts to get? The advantages and
disadvantages? Where to find them online or who is a good source
for aftermarket head bolts that do the job? Reason is that the
head on the MC motor will be coming off to get valves and guides
done and get ported and cleaned and I might as well find some good
head bolts so long 'cos I know Audi/VW are going to ask a fortune
for them.