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Re: 90q reman radio final

Well, I just talked to Linda. She told me that, indeed, they don't replace
the facplate or control knobs when they rebuild these radios. So fine, I
keep this reman unit, and I'll get another one if it fails within a year.
She also told me that the rabuilding quality isn't usually very high, and
people often go through 2 or 3 within the 1 year warranty period. My
conclusion is that unless you can get the reman really cheap, it's not
worth it. For your informations, here are some quotes:

reman wiesbaden radio : Leith Audi (my dealer) $117    Linda@Carlsen  $75
before(i think) quattro discount
volume control knob   : 				$9.90   			$6

So if you go that way, talk to Linda first.

I will keep the radio since from what it looks like the dealer did nothing
wrong. It would have been nice of them to warn me the trim will not be
replaced, but I guess they don't have to volunteer information, or do they?
hmm, I dunno. I am still puzzled by the looks of the front of the thing
that they shipped me though, my only guess is that the fading isn't as
conspicuous when the radio is installed. 

We'll see if it works. My guess is that it'll break the next day after the
warranty expires, as things usually do.

BTW, the reception of the original radio was pretty good. Part of the
reason I didn't want to go aftermarket was that I really liked the
Wiesbaden interface  ---- it's so functional and easy to use. I hate the
"computeresque" style of many aftermarket radios, with +/- buttons for
volume control you can never find  while driving etc.

Thanks everyone who offered their opinions and suggestions.


At 04:26 PM 5/26/99 -0400, you wrote:
>hmmm - but didn't you say that your core was in great shape?  so you should
>have gotten your old nice faceplate/knobs back again.  i wouldn't keep it -
>still sounds fishy to me...
>Andrei Kogan wrote:
>> Just talked to the dealer. They told me that some of the older units DIDN"T
>> COME from the remanufacturer with faceplates /control knobs attached. The
>> dealer would get the unit and swap everything from the customer's core onto
>> the refurbished one, and ship the core sans the face plate/controls back.
>> Comments? Iam going to call Linda@Carlsen and if she confirms, I'll get the
>> volume control knob for another $9 and let this thing be, otherwise I'll
>> take this one back and order one through Carlsen.
>> Andrei
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